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Protection for Humanity, LLC Co-Founders, Ginger Hall and Anna White 

Hawai’i State Newest Player in Hand Sanitizer & Recipient of the PPE State Grant

Big Island, Hawaii 

In March of 2020, Ginger Hall and Anna White of Kailua-Kona Hawai’i, launched Protection for Humanity, LLC as a result of the impending lack of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) availability on Hawai’i Island. PFH is the first all-women-owned PPE company in Hawai’i to manufacture sanitizers that adhere to the CDC and FDA formulation guidelines.

Keeping guests and islanders safe is their primary concern. “We saw a need to jump into this supply chain when we noticed the majority of available hand sanitizers were utilizing sub-standard and hidden toxic ingredients. These sanitizers were suddenly appearing on every shelf and at the front entrances to stores and businesses without the stores and employees even realizing the potential negative side effects of repetitive usage throughout the day. In some situation’s tech-grade products were being used on hands, which could be quite harmful to put directly onto your skin or inhale.” Anna and Ginger explain. 

“We got a huge education on what sanitizer is and isn’t, and it was fairly disturbing” explains Anna. “FDA and Tech grade is like night and day. Gel and spray sanitizer have important differences, and the education of how to use this stuff was seriously lacking” Anna continues.  

Ginger and Anna knew they could manufacture hand sanitizer that would meet their needs for a useable, safe, and “as natural as can be” sanitizer that would be safe to put directly onto the skin. They also found a way to mitigate the powerful and unpleasant alcohol scent associated with the denatured alcohol used in hand sanitizer. 

Anna is a consultant on toxicity and harmful ingredients found in commercial sanitizer products. She and Ginger began working alongside Karen Rubio, Professional Certified Essential Oil Specialist, to discover and implement a fresh citrus scent solution using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Our naturally scented end-result has been an enormous success. We enjoy seeing our customers spray it all around, wherever they are, creating their own personal Hawaiian ForceField!” Anna recalls. “Distilleries who re-tooled their manufacturing facility to produce hand sanitizers were asking us to mitigate their products from smelling like cocktails, along with customers who had other sanitizers that were getting bad complaints from users” adds Ginger.  

Shortly after the first test of 1,000 sprayers of liquid hand sanitizers, orders from distributors, big boxes, restaurants, and our vast small-business community started to come in. “They wanted gallons of the stuff – not just our sprayers – they wanted liquid and gel. Anna and I went into immediate action and hired a professional bottler to help us figure out a production line, equipment solutions, and mixing methodology.” Ginger explains.   

In May 2020 Protection for Humanity became an approved manufacturer of sanitizer in both liquid and gel formats. The product line is a naturally scented, 80% strength liquid hand sanitizer and 70% gel that uses only organic, natural, non-toxic ingredients with a 99.9% kill rate for bacteria and germs, causing illness, including the coronavirus. Their sanitizer line is called Hawaiian ForceField®, which includes sanitizing sprayers, personal spritzers, business sanitation sprayers or pumps, by-the-gallon liquid, and gel. “It is formulated, crafted, and manufactured with Aloha, and it creates a wonderful image of sunshine, healing, happiness, and good health” according to Anna.

“We hit capacity production, and then hand sanitizer became hard to find, which only increased the demand. Our first responders, medical testing stations, and essential front-line establishments were having difficulty finding sanitizer. We started this to help establish a local supply chain of sanitizer in response to the Covid-19 public health emergency” Ginger explains.

In November 2020, Protection for Humanity received funding through the Hawaii PPE Supply Chain Grant, a program administered by INNOVATE Hawaii, a program of the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) and the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEDT). The personal protection equipment program was appropriated with $10 million in Federal CARES Act funds by the Hawaii State Legislature.

“This organization came to our rescue with the support and acknowledgment of how important it is to keep the PPE supply chain sufficient for our State” says Ginger. “With this assistance, we will be able to produce even more safe sanitizer to keep our children, residents, guests, and businesses safe. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be selected to protect our beautiful Big Island and beyond” concludes Ginger and Anna, Co-Founders. 


Mahalo and ... Be Safe Hawaii! #besafehawaii #PPE4HI @hawaiianforcefield


Mahalo and ... Be Safe Hawaii!  #besafehawaii #PPE4HI @hawaiianforcefield


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