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Hawaiian ForceField

supplying the front line

During the pandemic, we distributed Hawaiian ForceField sanitizer to the testing stations on our island, fire stations, HPD, Department of Educations, pharmacies, etc. We made it our mission to put safe sanitizer in the hands of our essential workers and family.

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Hawaiian ForceField, by Protection for Humanity Product Line

Made in the USA (HAWAII) FDA (food)-grade sanitizer for business, home, and personal use. 100% organic and natural.  99.9% kill rate for germs and virus causing disease (including the coronavirus). 


Hawaiian ForceField is Made in Hawai'i' with Aloha

supporting local business buy made in hawai'i

Our Sanitizer

Hawaiian ForceField®

Made in the USA (Hawai'i) with FDA and WHO formulation guidelines. Protection for Humanity, LLC manufacturers the 100% organic and natural sanitizer Hawaiian ForceField® in Hawai'i. 100% organic and natural.  99.9% kill rate for for all germy things!

80% Strength

FDA Approved

#1 Mask Cleaning Spray! Our 80% strength spray sanitizer is ideal for disinfecting your mask after every use. It's also gentle on the skin, can be used in the air, surfaces, hands and dries quickly, no sticky residue.  Essential oils added benefits.  #besafe

Hawai'i Ohana

Working With Our Community

As an island state, it’s critical for local companies do what they can to support their community and reduce our dependency on imports — especially during unprecedented times like this.  Mahalo for Supporting Local Businesses Like Ours :-)

Contact us

75-5915 Walua Rd
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
(808) 374-4322

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